Emma Foam Pillow

Our award-winning pillow designed for adjustable support and great pressure relief
  • Customizable three-layer foam pillow that comforts and supports any type of sleeper
  • Breathable, hypoallergenic pillow for hot sleepers
  • Easy-to-clean & machine-washable for clean, refreshing sleep

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      Product Details

      Pillow Core Construction

      • Memory Foam
      • Supprt HRX Foam
      • Visco-elastic Memory Foam

      Pillow Cover Material

      • 99% Polyester, 1% Elastane
      • Standard: 70x48 cm ≈ 28”x16

      Our pillows are not only made from highly durable, premium materials, the top cover is certified to OEKO-TEX® Standard 100, Class 1

      The perfect pillow exists

      Everyone sleeps in different positions with their own individual preferences. That's why our pillows are designed with removable layers and adjustable firmness on either side. You get the perfect pillow specifically to your liking, keeping your spine properly aligned and your neck and shoulders supported.

      Find the perfect comfort for you

      If you like to sleep on your stomach, keep just 1 layer in the pillow. For back sleepers, try 2-3 layers and see which you like more. And for side sleepers, keep all 3 layers for maximum support and comfort. You can mix and match the layers and their order they're in so that you can find your ideal comfort.

      The safe and easy choice

      Enjoy undisturbed sleep thanks to the open cell foam that enhances airflow and a moisture-resistant cover that's machine washable too. When your pillow allows air to flow, you get a deeper and more restful sleep because it's not stuffy around you and you can breathe more freely.

      Emma Foam Pillow - Layer by Layer

        • Elastic and Washable Cover

          The cover is highly elastic, allowing it to fit perfectly no matter how many layers are in the pillow. It is also completely removable, making it extremely easy to wash.

        • Supportive HRX Foam

          This layer is the softest layer and offers an ideal support function for your head and neck.

        • Visco Memory Foam

          This layer optimally distributes pressure and supports the head and shoulders. In a reclining position, it adapts perfectly to your body.

        • Gel Memory Foam

          This layer offers a feather-light lying feeling and supports your head while sinking in at the same time.

        Customer Reviews

        Based on 134 reviews
        Muhammad H.b.K.B.

        Emma Foam Pillow

        Buddy T.
        Emma foam is good foam

        This pillow is large and sturdy. Not too large that it doesn't fit in a normal pillow case, and not too sturdy that its hard. Its firm and soft! How? Molding perfectly every time to my head. Been sleeping better.

        Hong G.

        Really loving it. Replaced my contoured pillow and really enjoying my Emma one

        Nurul Y.
        Finally found one I like

        This pillow is adjustable to my needs. Finally I don't get a sore neck and I feel supported. You can remove and add pieces to suit your sleeping style.
        My sleep has been much better with this
        It molds to my head and neck

        Isadore S.
        So glad I brought it

        Due to my disability I have to sleep on my back , I've been searching for a perfect pillow and this is it. Highly recommend

        A true worry-free sleep experience

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