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Mattress Sag within a year

If you plan to buy this mattress , think wisely . The mattress sag within a year . If you request for replacement , please screenshot the order number as a picture . Their system will remove your email (request it for login purpose , 6 months did not login , it already remove it) , cause you unable to retrieve the order number , and they can retrieve from their end too . Think WISE before making an order .

don’t waste money 🥲

This is the first bedding i bought. It’s too soft to sleep. Im 50kg, and my husband is 73kg… it sinked and make both of us backpain every morning. We slept for more than 6 months. and now it lay in the store room. Definitely not recommend.

Tilam lendut

My husband with weight 86kg, 184cm lies on the bed, guess what. The mattress sinked until half of the tickness. Not ideal for breastfeed as it sinked when i rested my head on the bed frame. I am 50kg. It is such a waste of money, and frustrating. I dont know how long i could put up with it. It has been 4 months since i delivered my baby. Its been unpleasant nights for both of us.

Emma foam is good foam

This pillow is large and sturdy. Not too large that it doesn't fit in a normal pillow case, and not too sturdy that its hard. Its firm and soft! How? Molding perfectly every time to my head. Been sleeping better.


Really loving it. Replaced my contoured pillow and really enjoying my Emma one

Finally found one I like

This pillow is adjustable to my needs. Finally I don't get a sore neck and I feel supported. You can remove and add pieces to suit your sleeping style.
My sleep has been much better with this
It molds to my head and neck

Emma Foam Pillow
Isadore S.
So glad I brought it

Due to my disability I have to sleep on my back , I've been searching for a perfect pillow and this is it. Highly recommend

Fantastic Sleep

Its a comfortable and supportive pillow. It's easier to sleep on this pillow.

Emma Foam Pillow
Hamidah T.
Love the ability to tailor the pillow

There are three layers in this pillow. It took me a little while to get the right combination but now that I have I travel away from home go without it. It fits into my suitcase no matter what I have packed in there. I've been struggling with pillows for 6 years and now finally have the right one.

Emma Foam Pillow
Bernadine T.
Best pillow ever!

My husband struggled for years to find the perfect pillow. Finally now, his neck is supported and he is very happy with this choice of pillow.

Emma Foam Pillow
Punita T.
Very comfortable

The pillow is very comfortable to sleep on. I like that I can customize it to my preference height.

Emma Foam Pillow
Arlene D.
Just the right sort of firm

Just right for me. Supportive without being jarring. Good quality pillow.

Glad i got it..

It's definitely helped with my neck pain and my sleep has improved so much

Emma Foam Pillow
Rebecca L.
Worth every cent. Helps relieve snoring

Since using the Emma foam pillow sleep apnea symptoms have decreased as well as snoring and quality of sleep has improved

best pillow

being able to adjust pillow is fantastic, having fractured my neck many years ago it has been very hard to find a pillow that is comfortable, with the emma pillow i get a decent night sleep

Emma Foam Pillow
Susanna W.
The pillow I have been waiting for! Love it!

I have tried lots of pillows over the past few years which cost a lot of money!
Very pleased with Emma pillow! I like that you can adjust it! Well worth the money!

Emma Foam Pillow
Rahman E.
Best Pillow I've EVER Had!!

Being adjustable is brilliant! I customised the perfect pillow to be the most super comfortable height & softness for me & have since been sleeping so much better. Total game changer.

after 3 months of use I am very...

after 3 months of use I am very satisfied my husband also appreciates the mattress - really likes to nap on it. I can only recommend it!

I am great with this mattress to...

I am super satisfied with this mattress, now I have no more back pain when I get up.

Would buy again at any time

We would buy again at any time were just on vacation us my husband said only "the mattress is much too soft, I'm glad if I have mine again" that says it all since we have these mattresses we have no back problems more ????

For the moment I am very happy with the...

So far I'm very happy with the mattress, it acts like a magnet as soon as you lay on it ;)

Super happy with my mattress

Super happy with my mattress

Excellent mattresses

Excellent mattresses, never disappointed with Emma. I highly recommend them.

Very comfortable mattresses and packaging...

Very comfortable mattresses and good packaging and delivery.

Very good mattress

Optimal for my needs

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