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Diamond Hybrid Mattress

Deluxe cooling with hybrid comfort and support. Designed to create a cool sleep climate that aids with deeper and longer sleep





Original Hybrid Mattress

The best of both worlds. Comfort and support come together in one mattress to give you your most relaxing nights yet





  • Christy Beck


    Woke up feeling recharged and in a better mood every day with Emma!

  • Kay and Nesther Nomads

    We just can't get rid of our new Emma Mattress! It's so comfortable and we've very happy with this one!

  • Yolanda Claramonte


    Our rest have improved since we used the Emma original mattress, we've been happily sleeping on them for the past 2 years! They're the real deal!

  • Tiffany Jingwen


    Bryan likes it better than our previous mattress!

  • Danielle Moss


    My physical therapist said, my back feels less tight than it has in years because of Emma!

  • Barbara Borne


    Been sleeping like a baby with my Emma Original! Both soft yet firm, I understand why its been voted product of the year!

  • Riley Tang


    It’s really like sleeping on a cloud, I can’t wait to get back in bed.

  • Lian Meiting


    Feels like sleeping on clouds every night!

  • Shihui Ang


    Emma + Diamonds = pure luxury! Cheers to longer and deeper sleep.

  • Beth Colstonn


    I'm so lucky i found Emma-- making buying a mattress so easy, being delivered in a box with an even easier unpacking process.

  • Min Poh


    Paul has been bunking in with us because he has clearly outgrow his cot, but ever since we switched to Emma, he hasn’t come to our room and even said to me, “I LOVE MY BED!”

  • Tamara Anthony

    In love with my new Emma Mattress because it prevents you from overheating in your sleep, and all I can tell you is I've been genuinely sleeping through night with less night sweats or interruptions.

  • Jasmine


    I’ve been able to sleep well and wake up without any back pain. My mattress knows the secret to a blissful night's sleep.

  • Ben Hum


    I’ve been sleeping on this mattress for more than a week, and I can say it’s really great for light sleepers like me!

  • Morgan Mabley


    The shipping and set up were seamless and no joke, the day after our first sleep on it, I was telling Danny my back felt better than the day before!

  • Becca Dup


    My post-work-out naps have gotten 10x better with my new Emma Original Mattress. Here's to quality sleep!

  • Jen Balisi


    The Emma Mattress ended up being the perfect choice for a hot sleeper who's allergic to dustmites like me! Got a cool memory foam layer to help protect against allergens.

  • Rui En


    The best sleep I've had in a while!

  • Brenda Tan


    I wake up feeling like a million bucks ever since I upgraded to my Diamond Hybrid!

  • Derrick Chen


    The Emma Diamond Hybrid allows me to fall into deeper slumber and keeps the temperature all-night long

  • James Chen


    I’m really enjoying my new queen sized Diamond Hybrid Mattress!

  • Aurielie Jeanne


    Lounging around on my bed with Emma Mattress and waiting for this hernie pain go away -- and it did!

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The honest truth from our customers

  • 12 Nov 2023

    Exceeded my expectations

    I've heard many good things about Emma's mattresses and pillows, but I didn't think my experience would be as life-changing as it was. I sleep like a baby every night!

    Nurul A.

    verified customer
  • 22 Oct 2023

    Perfectly satisfied with my purchase

    I don't think I've ever slept this well in my life. This brand was recommended to me by a close friend, and my only regret is not making the switching to Emma products sooner.

    Hafizah R.

    verified customer
  • 03 Sep 2023

    Night sweats no more

    I can finally say goodbye to my night sweats! Since I've switched to an Emma mattress, I've been waking up feeling refreshed, and the days of tossing and turning in a sweaty mess are gone.

    Kamarul H.

    verified customer
  • 05 Aug 2023

    Great investment

    Investing in Emma was a family decision, and we couldn't be happier! The mattress has brought us closer, as we all look forward to a good night's sleep.

    Amirul I.

    verified customer
  • 14 Jul 2023

    My husband and I love it!

    We've tried orthopedic mattresses in the past, but returned them because they're too firm. I prefer soft ones, while my husband prefers firm. For some strange reason, this mattress just works for the both of us. His back pain's gone and I've been sleeping like a log!

    Iskandar F.

    verified customer
  • 30 Jun 2023

    Just like sleeping on a cloud

    Sleeping on an Emma mattress is like sleeping on a cloud that molds perfectly to your body. I've never experienced a more restful and comfortable night's sleep–truly a superior product!

    Siti M.

    verified customer
  • 18 May 2023

    Great quality at a great price

    I can't believe I got a mattress with this much comfort and support without paying such an outrageous amount. I will definitely recommend this to my friends.

    Farah N.

    verified customer
  • 09 Apr 2023

    My best sleep ever!

    I didn't realize how bad my previous mattress was until I received my Emma mattress. Not only do I sleep straight through the night, I wake up energized and ready for my busy day. Highly recommend!

    Azlan Z.

    verified customer
  • 05 Aug 2023

    Excellent sleep technology!

    Zero motion transfer is a game-changer! My partner's restless nights used to wake me up, but with Emma's technology, I sleep undisturbed. It's like having a solo sleep experience even when sharing the bed.

    Nor H.

    verified customer
  • 26 Jan 2023

    Family approved!

    Our whole family loves the Emma Diamond Hybrid! Gone are my husband's and kids' complaints about uncomfortable nights—safe to say Emma has won us over as a household favorite.

    Aisyah S.

    verified customer

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